I am an artist.


I am self-taught which means, like life's lessons, everything I have learned has been by trial and error. They say it takes about 10,000 hours of diligence to become an expert at something. All I know is that I'm still not an expert but I did put in my fair share of hours. Why? For the joy of it.


I read that at 5-years-old you are using about 80% of your creative potential. That declines to about 2% when you're 12, and that's where it stays. I find that unacceptable. I think any kind of creativity brings invaluable benefits. It teaches us to look deep inside ourselves to uncover what makes each of us unique. Over the years I've experimented with acrylics, oils, mixed media, resin and collage. Always evolving, I tried every tool of the trade. Mostly to find my individual style, but also, knowing that once I did it would be a way of me finding myself. I'm not there yet, might never be, but I've noticed recurring clues. There's always an underlining theme of nature in all my work. Bright colors, clean lines, and texture define my style.


An ardent arts advocate, I'm Assistant Director at the South County Art Association and on the Board of Directors of the Art League Rhode Island. Each is their own unique nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage appreciation and participation in the visual arts. I'm also in the process of pursuing a Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management degree at Colorado State University.


As a versatile artist, I do commercial murals and commissioned pieces. I also support local charities donating paintings to art auctions including the American Breast Cancer Society, South Kingstown Special Education Department, Easter Seals of Rhode Island and the Welcome House. My work has been on display at regional galleries and I frequently exhibit at juried shows.